Whittleman Family

Just prepare your eyes for my favorite little trio ever – the Whittlemans’! I just love these three so much and it doesn’t hurt that they are so dang photogenic! They even toughed out the cold temperatures and you’d never know they were all freezing and shivering throughout the entire shoot, they’re just total naturals in front of the camera like that!  And can we just talk about how handsome my sweet nephew is for a minute?! Those big blue eyes and perfect lips, he’s just a doll baby! I know I say this often but I just love this time of year, photographing families with little ones is quickly becoming my favorite portrait sessions, and this time of year there are an abundance of holiday family sessions that I enjoy so much! Truly makes my heart want to pop!

Enjoy! XO.

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All images shot using Fuji Film, processed and scanned by Photovision.

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